SAG Wilfred Q&A

OK – so I get a tweet from my little brother (@bradnpx) and he says “What are you doin’ tonight? Elijah Wood is doing a Q&A for SAG and I can bring a guest – you in?”

I say “hell yeah!” and thanked god I dressed nice today. Anyway, he tells me be at 61st and Broadway by 6pm – no later. Fine, got it. Mind you I’m going to the San Diego Comic Con tomorrow and I’m moving at the end of the month so this is a busy time for packing and crap.

That being said, I show up at 5:40p ish, right after work. God damn these were the wrong shoes to walk from 45th & 3rd (east side midtown) to 16st and b’way (west side Lincoln center), but I digress.

They asked that no one take pictures or recordings before they screened the most recent Wilfred episode “Dignity”. Elijah and the moderator came up on stage and they had a really nice interview. It was a lot of fun. I thought they were going to do a Q&A with the audience, but they didn’t. I figured, ok that was fun. Time to go home, right?


My brother-in-law, Elli (@tkob) runs like a bat outta hell for the exit to try an get E’s attention. I’m like “oh no he didn’t” and tried to think up about a million ways to apologize/weasel out of this, because I knew what was coming. Brad says “get your ass over there or so help me” so I did. Elli says to Elijah “I want to introduce someone to you. This is (personal handle on twitter).”

I’m about ready to apologize for everything from the Bay of Pigs up to now, because that’s what I do when I’m nervous. I apologize for the world. His face lights up like a fucking christmas (holiday) tree and says “No shit! It’s so nice to meet you!” Pulls me in for a hug, because a hand shake wasn’t enough, apparently. What up, backwards?

No complaints on my end but I couldn’t see colors and I forgot how to speak and understand English. I knew he was saying words that meant things, but that’s about it. One of the things he said on stage was “I hate auditioning. I get so nervous that I lose two days of my life worrying about it…. I find that if you just admit it and say you’re nervous when you’re there, it helps relieve the tension.”

So that’s what I did. I said “Oh god I’m so nervous right now.” He said “Aww, do’t’ be nervous. remember to breathe it’s ok.” Big smiles all around. I told him that I was too scared to say hi at his DJ gig the other month, but really glad that I said hello tonight. I think he thought it was cute. I’m not sure. Still had trouble seeing things at this point.

I got a quick pic with him – I think. I look all blushy and embarrassed but he looks great. He had to jet, but just the look on his face, the way he was genuinely happy that I said hello, and then the tweet that came a while after the meeting… the only reason I didn’t get teary eyed with happy was because it takes me so damn long to put on this mascara.

It was wonderful. He was wonderful. And I really hope I see him at Comic Con or at least the next time he does a set in NYC. I will say hello 🙂 and it will be great!


One thought on “SAG Wilfred Q&A

  1. Piiiicccture!!!!

    God a hug AND a tweet. And you know he rarely ever tweets. He’s so genuine and he really proved why we love him tonight!! ❤

    Don't ever change that twitter handle!

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