My Mom and Netflix

Today I Learned…


That my Netflix account can get very interesting.


It’s not what you think, people. I share a piece of the universe with my loving family and part of that sharing includes profiles on Netflix. On the one hand I’m glad that Netflix created the ability to toggle between profiles for multiple users in a household. This means I don’t have to explain how many hours I dedicate to My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie FTW) and my brother doesn’t have to explain why so many musicals and films with supple young men are on his. But I digress…

I don’t mind when my family adds things to my accounts, but a few months ago my account got hacked and the genius who did it made a profile for himself with, I’m assuming, his real name. Nice. He must have been cutting his teeth as a ‘hacker’ because the stuff on his profile was all Disney flicks. We changed the locks and never head back from him. Easy come, easy go.

Today I log on and I see another weird profile – this time called ‘eye.’ After a double take and some indignance to how my password got hacked again I decided to call up my brother and see if he knew about it. He didn’t, but mom overheard him on the phone and said that it was her. All I’m asking for his a heads up, guys.

I know it was just made today because I’ve been all over Dexter since they put up all the episodes. Also, I didn’t see any Rosemary & Thyme or Summerset Murders on it. She’s into a lot of the British shows and old movies like My Fair Lady. On several occasions I’ve heard her singing “Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins” to herself and giggling.

It makes me smile. I like to see her happy, even if weird crap shows up on my Netflix account.



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