Beaten by Beets

Today I Learned…

…that beets will stain the hell out of anything they touch. 

I pickled some fresh beets tonight to go with dinner and part of the preparation involved peeling the beets. It looks like someone got murdered in my kitchen. Anything I touched after has a pink or red smear on it.The dye it makes is actually kind of pretty and if I had any hard boiled eggs at the ready I’d probably dunk a few in to see what color it would change. If you’re planning on a big date the next day, don’t cook with beets. I’m having a hard time scrubbing the stain off my hands.

Along side the beets that stained my kitchen I also made roasted garlic mashed potatoes and steak. Hungry yet?


Today I learned that beets stain.

Today I would like to learn how to get this crap off my hands…..


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