The “Head/Desk” Moments of My Week

There have been enough stupid things people have said, usually in prose form, that I have seen, read, or head about this week that were either so profoundly stupid or incredibly mean spirited that I’m afraid I’m going to forget them all if I don’t make a note of it. Let’s count, shall we?

  1. Fat shaming comments after an article that was written to give overweight girls encouragement and support.
    (I know, never read the comments.)
  2. Victoria’s Secret kicking a breastfeeding mother from their store in Texas
    (I think they forgot that they sell sex. Maybe they need a refresher course on where babies come from.)
  3. Articles from health web sites, like Everyday Health and CNN Health that say You can be fit and fat at the same time, but then beat into the ground that you shouldn’t be fat because its not healthy.
  4. The second one reminds me of the time I was chase out of a VS store for being too fat. I was there to treat myself for losing 20 lbs.

That’s all I can think of because it’s late and the polar vortex is screwing with my sinus. Be prepared for the above topics to show up on my site as I try to tackle the other projects I have going on.

In other news, I have all the pieces for my Fullmetal Bellydancer cosplay and it is AWESOME! That is all…


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