5 Ways That Clickbait Will Help My Site Traffic

I love the human condition sometimes. All you have to do is create a bullet list or an infographic and presto! You get people clicking the link thinking, ‘Oo! What’s this?’ or the more insidious trollers, ‘How many ways is this bitch wrong?’

Ah the internet. Here’s my plan!


  1. Create titles that have numbers and insinuate that a bulleted list of ‘facts’ will be discussed, or at least, listed so the first line can be read and the rest of the text skimmed or skipped.
  2. Don’t do any actual research, but instead lift commonly known tidbits of information off the interwebs.
  3. Two words: Cat Photos.
  4. Actually offer sound advice for commonly known issues, problems, gripes, moans, groans and general complaints.
  5. Just have a list of my favorite My Little Pony characters.


And there you have it! My recipe for getting more site traffic by manipulating the populous’ tendency to click on anything that will break information down in to snack sized pieces.

Thank you,

The Management.


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